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Thursday, March 1, 2018

1117 Donaghey- The biography edition

Our Donaghey project is just about to wrap up if this darn rain would stay away long enough to finish up the exterior.  Rain or Shine WE WILL host it's open house Sunday, March 11th, so mark your calendars... in pencil. With that date looming so close I think it's time to tell you a little story.

Now before I begin, I want to make sure we are all on the same page. You remember Bruce? The last project we completed? You know... the Industrial Bohemian with the FICTIONAL character also named Bruce. Well, it came to my attention after writing the story of Bruce that a large portion of my readers thought Bruce, the man, was real. To clear up the confusion I spent a paragraph on a later blog explaining that ALL my storybook home stories are fiction so never assume otherwise. Well... guess what?..... This one's NOT fiction. This one is actually based on a real-life and living person, Ms. Sherry Payne- one of my favorite clients from my other life as a Registered Dietitian.

Yep, its the biography edition of Storybook Homes!!!

Now before I tell you all about Sherry and this house let me clear up one more potentially confusing point: Although this home is ABOUT Sherry it is not FOR Sherry. It is FOR SALE and currently available.

I know, I know it's a little weird; but I have warned you before I never know where inspiration will strike or what direction a story will go until I walk into a home, and this little home whispered Sherry's name. Now, I should tell ya, the house did not conjure up images of Sherry from thin air.  Months earlier, Sherry had casually mentioned she might one day want a storybook home. She said it in the same conversational tone that people say "you should put me on a diet" when they find out I'm a registered dietitian.  And just like I NEVER take the diet comment as an invitation to ask someone to step on my scale, I don't normally start picking paint colors when someone mentions wanting me to renovate their home. I just know it's a knee-jerk comment said in response to one's vocation, not something to be taken seriously. But for some reason, the day Sherry mentioned the idea of a storybook home, I found myself revisiting the idea that night as I tried to fall asleep.  So instead of counting sheep, that night, I made a mental checklist of all the characteristics a home would have to have to be classified as Sherry Style. Then I fell asleep and forgot all about it.....until months later when I stepped inside 1117 Donaghey.

Honestly, I think it was the arches that did it for me.

There was just something so sweet about them, and "sweet" was one of the main characteristics that defined Sherry Style.

So I didn't fight it.  Even though Sherry was/is not in the market for a new home at this time, I went ahead and let her story inspire the design of 1117 Donaghey with the end goal of creating a home that emulates the characteristics that make Sherry so special while at the same time paying tribute to a remarkable lady. I have known Sherry for 12 years and even though our relationship has always been restricted to the confines of my diet office, I feel confident that I have witnessed the real and raw Sherry and therefore have the authority to write this tribute story. Afterall when a woman (ANY woman) trust you with her weight (ANY weight) there is not much left she feels she needs to hide. 

So here are just a few attributes I have found to be at the core of who Sherry Payne is along with descriptions of how I translated these qualities into the design of this house: (of course you will have to hold tight a few more days to see pictures of how this actually played out, because that's just how I roll.) 

Female. I know this seems like I'm starting us out with the obvious but Sherry is so much more "woman" than the sum of her X chromosomes; she embodies what the bible describes as the "ideal woman" in Proverbs chapter 31. In fact, within this description of the ideal woman, we see many of the specific qualities that make up Sherry Style so I'll highlight a few key verses from this scripture as I discuss those traits in a bit. But for now, I want to share another reference to "female" that made me think this seemingly obvious characteristic had to be included as a key component of Sherry Style. 

Gosh I love that song, and that chorus.... well it nearly perfectly sums up who my friend Sherry is to so many people:

Sister, shoulder
Daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo
Mother nature
Fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, Holy Water
Secret keeper, fortune teller,
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter,
Technicolor river wild
Baby girl, woman, child

Now, it is not unusual for the homes I work on to lean toward a specific gender but in this house, I was particularly intentional about adding feminine qualities to reflect this Sherry trait. Specifically, you will see this in some of the light fixtures. Although this house could be classified as a "farmhouse" to those that did not understand Sherry Style I purposely chose more feminine lighting over the classic "barn lighting" I typically favor in a farmhouse style home. 

Hard Working.

15 She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household

    and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.

17 She is energetic and strong,
    a hard worker


She carefully watches everything in her household
    and suffers nothing from laziness.
Sherry is one of the hardest working women I know. This quality is witnessed at her job, in her home, and in my office. She has worked at Acxiom as a Senior Executive Assistant for the last 28 years. In addition to working a full-time job, for the last 3 years, she has homeschooled her two kids- Marissa, 21 (who now attends college) and Joel Keith, 16. And you should see her exercise logs! This girl is all about her steps. It is not unusual for her to go for a walk in the morning and then hit the gym later that night. She does all this while balancing the day to day tasks of running a house and taking care of her family. And she has done this on her own for the last 10 years after her beloved husband of 16 years, Joe, passed away from cancer. Yep, she's pretty much Super Woman.

You are going to see this hardworking trait found in the layout of this home. This house is less than 1400 sq feet but it's open floor plan make it feel much larger.

During Demo when walls were knocked down to join the kitchen, dining, and living space into one open living area. 
Plus this little home is quite efficient with very little wasted space, each area has a specific task and is used well.
You will also see this trait in the kitchen island. I purposely chose a commercial grade stainless steel kitchen cart vs a traditional cabinet style island for it's "hard-working" versatility and functionality. 

20 She extends a helping hand to the poor
    and opens her arms to the needy.
21 She has no fear of winter for her household,
    for everyone has warm[c] clothes.

26 When she speaks, her words are wise,
   and she gives instructions with kindness.
If you surveyed a group of 100 people who know Sherry and asked them to describe her at least 99 of them would use the adjective "sweet". She just drips sweetness. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. She is kind and caring and always thinking of others. This is even seen in her motives to maintain her health and fitness. It is not about the size of her clothes for Ms. Sherry it is about staying healthy for her children and to serve others. Sherry does not visit my nutrition office regularly but rather she checks in during times she feels she needs greater accountability. One such season was inspired by her bucket list goal of "going on a family mission trip." I remember her telling me she was starting to save toward making that goal a reality but that she wanted to make sure she was physically as well as spiritually ready to go so that she did not hold her family and other team members back. That's just Sherry.

In fact, "sweet" was the one word I kept giving Donna of Waterhouse Market, when she would ask me what the style of the house was at the beginning of the renovation. 

Side Bar: Seriously, Donna deserves a medal for trying to ride the crazy train with me. She works so hard to fill these homes up with furnishings that fit the style and more importantly tell the story of the home. But unlike most clients that will give her a specific style to work with (ex. farmhouse, modern, traditional) she gets things like "Irish Sheep Farm", "Downton Abby", and "Sweet" from me. But somehow she gets inside my brain and is able to deliver on each style beautifully and accurately.

I think the entire home is sweet, but it was the arches seen throughout the home that triggered the first thoughts of sweetness.

We lost 2 of the arches during demolition. But I added 3 more in its place during the renovation. 

Joyful. aka Bright and Cheery in home terms. 

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity,
    and she laughs without fear of the future.

Our common friend, Angie Elrod, said this when I asked her to describe Sherry:
 "Sherry sparkles when she smiles. I think I'll start calling her JOY"

No matter the circumstance. Sherry always has an essence of Joy. One of Sherry's most used phrases is "it's all good." When I asked her about this, she responded:

"It's the mindset I try to keep.  Even when it’s a tough circumstance…good can come of it.  
Hard day – well it can only get better – it’s all good.  
Oh, there are bad days…not to say there aren’t…but the mindset can really help."

This trait shows up in the color scheme of this house. It is definitely bright and cheery. It is guaranteed to cheer up even the gloomiest of rainy days. Waterhouse Market and Redeemed Home Goods will also be bringing art and accessories that play off this characteristic.  


30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
    but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.

This is probably the trait I admire most about Sherry. When something good happens to Sherry she invites everyone she knows to join her. I benefited greatly from this trait when she first joined my "90 Day Challenge" 12 years ago. After a few weeks of good weigh-ins, my business was booming. Half of Acxiom was calling my office. It was the first time my practice experienced a "waiting list" to get an appointment, and it was all thanks to Sherry spreading the good news of her success. 

And speaking of "good news" this is what is at the core of who Sherry Payne is and what leaks out of her in her day to day life. Once Sherry experienced Jesus 22 years ago she hasn't stopped sharing the good news of His saving grace with all who will listen. Sherry has a relationship with Christ, not a religion, and this is seen in the enviable ease in which she brings Him into everyday conversation. She doesn't preach at you, she simply wants to share with you the good news so you can experience it too. Sherry's good friend Cindy Sinclair had this to say about Sherry:

 "True Friendship is such a treasure! 
Sherry has enriched my life by her presence, commitment, and talents. 
She has a huge heart and her faith shows in everything she does. 
My life is made richer because she is in it."

"Inviting" is seen in the accent tile I chose for this house. To me, it reminds me of a patchwork quilt that invites you to sit down, snuggle up, and stay awhile. This along with the other traits already mentioned create a home that just makes you feel welcomed.

That concludes the official description of "Sherry Style," but there are a few other fun features I added to the design with Sherry in mind. For example, I paid special attention to the kitchen because I would want Sherry to have a nice kitchen to prepare healthy meals. I even incorporated special bins for holding fruits and vegetables.
And the fact that this Sherry Style house could be mistaken for a farmhouse was not an accident.  If you get a chance to talk with Ms. Sherry you can't help but pick up on a hint of a Southern drawl that would feel right at home in a country farmhouse. So I added some old pine shiplap reclaimed from under the ceiling sheetrock and a big farmhouse sink to reflect this side of Sherry.

While the rest of the Proverbs 31 woman is not necessarily reflected in this home. I want to conclude this tribute with what I feel would be one of Sherry's most prized attributes.

28 Her children stand and bless her.
    Her husband praises her:
29 “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,
    but you surpass them all!”

These are Sherry's children- her greatest treasures on earth. 

Stay tuned for the Zillow Listing to see pictures of how "Sherry Style" played out in real life. And make plans to see it in person Sunday, March 11th from 2pm-4pm.

In the meantime, If you know Sherry Payne, feel free to use up as much comment space as you would like to let Sherry know how special she truly is.

31 Reward her for all she has done.
    Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wanted: Home Owner

Excuse me while I briefly interrupt the new Donaghey story to introduce you to what I hope will be the next project in line for a storybook makeover.

This classic craftsman is currently a duplex sitting on Oliver Street in Old Town Conway.  My hope is to convert the structure into a single family home, in fact, the story and design are already solidified in my head- and boy is it a doozy.  Unfortunately, my ideas cost money... too much money to do this project as speculative. Now I know the responsible thing to do is to adjust the plan down to a reasonable design that would work for the comps in the area BUT guys, once I envisioned the full out version for this home, I can't go back; I just can't. This house DESERVES my best. I can't compromise less.

PLUS, don't you agree our Old Town deserves OUR (as in all of our) best?!?! I mean, where else in Conway do you see such an eclectic group of homes? No two homes (or at least very few) look alike; each has its own personality and unique character.  I have always believed that our historic district has just as much potential as the Heights in Little Rock if people were just willing to invest in the area. And guess what?!? It's happening! Over the last 2 years the amount of renovations occurring in Old Town has exploded- just drive thru the historic district and count the number of dumpsters sitting outside homes to see what I'm talking about. I truly believe it's the most up and coming area in our city.

But back to Oliver Street...

Rory knows I can't (won't) scale back the design in my head to a blah level that will land us at a price point that is deemed appropriate for the area by appraisers; therefore, his solution is that we do a simple fix and keep it as a duplex to add to our rental portfolio. I'll give it to him, it's a solid, reasonable, financially prudent idea. Problem is, what do I do with the story floating around in my head!?!? It NEEEEDS to get out and it can NOT be modified to a duplex, trust me on this one.

So, I have proposed that once again we search for a prerenovation buyer. Someone who understands the end price might not (probably won't) appraise but who sees the value in a unique one of a kind home. Then, IF no one steps up to join our story, I will accept Rory's plan to keep her as a rental. Deja vu? I know. I know! It sounds similiar to what I proposed for the Caldwell Manor before I figured out a way to get Rory to go forward without a buyer. But boy did I learn my lesson on that one! I don't EVER want the weight of one of my schemes on my shoulders again. Either Rory and I are in agreeance or we don't do it. And this is a plan we can both agree on.

Now when I say it will be above appraised value, I'm not talking anything too crazy. I'm talking around $130 a square foot which is comparable to new construction homes in our area (or a bargain if compared to homes in Hendrix Village or 30 miles south of us, I'm just saying...). Which makes sense because this home will essentially be brand new.  We are stripping her down to the exterior studs (think episode of Good Bones) and rebuilding from the foundation up. When we are done she will be the newest historic home in the area.  So even if it doesn't appraise today I think within a couple of years it will be considered a great value.

So what do you get for around $200k (hopefully less) with this Storybook renovation? Let me walk you thru the highlights:

  • A little over 1500 sq feet of well-utilized space.  Each square foot has been carefully planned to maximize the function of the space. Plus with nearly 11 foot ceilings the place will feel much larger than it really is. 

  • 3 bedrooms and 2 baths including ample closet space and a nice size master bath that includes both a walk in shower and a beautifully refinished clawfoot tub.

  • One of my favorite Kitchens yet! Or anyway, if it turns out how I have it envisioned in my head, it has the potential to take the top spot. I'm dying to try out some ideas that would tell the story of this home perfectly!!

  • Open floor plan. Kitchen, dining, and living room all open for optimal entertaining space. 
  • Large Laundry/Pantry.

(This picture has nothing to do with the future laundry/pantry I just wanted you to see the footprints on the ceiling... what in the world?!?!) 
  • On the outside, the historic windows are getting refurbished and rearranged for the new floorplan and all new Hardie siding will be going up along with a beautiful 8' door. 

  • And of course, all the non-fun stuff will happen too: new electric, new plumbing (including sewer line), new HVAC, new roof, and brand new foundation- I'm talking every board replaced and new footings poured where needed.

It's going to be great!

I realize showing the before pictures might not be the most effective way to entice a buyer but gosh they sure do add great shock value to the ol' blog.😉   

You know I don't normally like to divulge what the end product will look like because I LIVE for a dramatic post renovation reveal but I feel like it is asking a lot to expect someone to commit to such a lofty renovation with blind faith so I have decided to make an exception.  Using my state of the art design software that rivals that of Joanna Gains and the Property Brothers I sketched up what the exterior will look like when finished:

In all seriousness, because EVERY old wall is being removed and the entire floor plan is being rearranged I have hired a real-life professional draftsman to draw up my floorplan into an official computerized house plan. (I can't wait to see my framer's face when I show him real blueprints instead of just painters tape on the floor where I want new walls.) This new floorplan will be available to review with all potential buyers. Of course, if left up to me, the design details and finishes would be kept a secret to the homeowner until the renovation is complete and is unveiled in a dramatic reveal....but ultimately the level of involvement will be left up to the new homeowner.

We are hoping to finish Donaghey up before our boys are out for Spring Break. That means we should be ready to start this Oliver renovation by the first week of April. That gives us a little over 1 month to find a buyer willing to go on this journey with us, otherwise, it will be forced to continue its life as a duplex! So please spread the word. 

If you would like more information about this project give me a call at (501) 472-3310 or Rory at (501) 472-8787.

WARNING: The current state of the home requires a MAJOR imagination and an EXTREME amount of trust and faith in the Storybook team. It is quite terrifying at the moment. But I assure you we are not scared and truly believe this home can be rebuilt to stand strong for at least another 100 years.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Exterior Update

Guys, I don't know if 1117 Donaghey was just ready to be renovated or if experience is FINALLY paying off but this project is going soooo smoothly (knuckles bleeding from knocking on my wooden desk). Like, I have not cried ONE TIME! Things are just hopping along and if things continue at this rate we might just be able to pull off an Open House before Spring Break. 

And to think, I almost passed on the opportunity to work on this cutie. Well not really....NEVER in the almost 18 year history of our marriage have I EVER turned down an opportunity to work on a project that Rory volunteers to purchase... EVER. BUT I will admit I scratched my head the first time he drove me past the property.  I mean look at her...

I'm going to give you just a second to form your own first impression before I tell you what I thought the first time I saw her. Here she is again from a different camera angle: 

Whatcha think?

My first thought was, "hmmm a mobile home." Now don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with mobile homes. In FACT, my ol' buddy Marcos, the tile guy, had great success in flipping several prefab homes before he moved. And these days there are some really nice manufactured homes on the market BUT when a home has never been on wheels it is not typically the design goal to make it look like it has.  I think it was the long flat facade with the vinyl siding that was doing it for me.  

So before my brain even had a chance to start formulating a story about how a double-wide rolled into the historic district of Conway, I began brainstorming ideas of how to update the exterior. The challenge was the property already sits close to the road so I was pretty sure the city would deny me permission to do a large front addition, so I tried to think of some small changes we could implement to make a large impact.

Fortunately,  I have access to some state of the art design software so i was able to sketch out a plan and visualize the finished product before moving forward with the plan:

I thought the added pitch to the roof would really help demobilize the home but the vinyl siding still bothered me. Problem was, I knew it was not in my budget to replace the siding especially in light of my New Years Resolution to actually be profitable this year. I had pretty much resolved to keep the vinyl siding when Rory (the financially prudent one) suggested we at least see what was behind the siding.  Well I didn't hesitate; I took that suggestion as permission to rip it all down, and boy was I pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to find this wide board wood cladding. 

I mean, sure the chippy paint isn't the cutest but the wood is in great shape and Nicolas assures me they can scrape the old paint off. So score! Honestly with the vinyl siding down I could see the cute home the original owners intended. But I had already fallen in love with the idea of the second gable and larger landing so Martin the brick man and Tommy Pate of TPA concrete readied the front porch and Pepe and his team extended out the original gable and added the second pitch.  

Once the gables were framed we were finally able to tear off the old roof and install new architectural shingles. 

And then a couple of days ago the brick went up!

And that is how she sits as I write this blog. There is still a lot of work to do on the outside but I do feel she has already come a long way from the trailer park. Not much scheduled to happen outside this coming week but tons of fun will be occuring on the inside. In fact, this is the week Dad comes down to help me with a special project for this house. That's always a good sign we are nearing the end! Countdowns on!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

1117 Donaghey

Hey Friends! I wanted to take just a little web space to introduce you to our next project. 1117 Donaghey.

There she is. If you're like me you have passed by this jewel 100 times and never noticed her. She is just a block to the left of Ida Burns Elementary on the corner of Donaghey and Weems and has been sitting there since 1957.

We officially kicked off her makeover on January 2nd, and so far she has been a dream to work on. In the 3 weeks we have had our hands on her we have just about completed all the demo, framing, rewiring, and repiping, not to mention the changes that have already occurred on the exterior. Things are moving so fast I thought I'd better hurry and get the "before" pictures posted or I'd look up and it would be time to post the "afters." So without any further delay, let's start our prerenovation tour:

When you walk thru the front door you enter into a nice size living room.

Kicking myself for not getting a picture from the other side of the living room.  Here is a slightly different angle.... but still pitiful.

Behind that arch is the dining area. 

Oh!!! And if you look back thru the arch of the dining room you can see the other angle of the Living Room!

Then on the other side of that pass thru you will find the kitchen:

Not much to look at folks. 

Behind the kitchen is the laundry area and back door:

Now on to the bedrooms.
Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2.

And the master bedroom.

We designated this one as the master bedroom because it has a really large closet.

The plan is to borrow a little more space from the current bedroom and convert this large closet into a master bathroom because currently this home just has 1 bathroom.... and it looks like this...

And that's it! 

So excited about the direction this little house is going. She has a sweet story that is unique to any of our past projects and I can't wait to share it with you.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bruce Before and After

It's Before and After time for Bruce! But before I get to the parade of pictures I feel I must clear something up........ Y'all.... Bruce is not a real person..... I made him up. (I'm going to give you some space to let that sink in)

I promise I was not trying to mislead you. I never dreamed people would think he was real. I thought it was understood that my stories are fiction. But when some of my closest friends asked me if I would introduce them to Bruce the Bohemian I knew it was a problem. You know how a tiny light seems to fizzle from your child's eye when they first learn the truth about Santa or the tooth fairy? Well that was what I witnessed over and over again in the eyes of my middle-aged friends when they learned the truth. It was painful to watch. So I thought it was necessary to get on here and set the record straight. I sure hope knowing that Bruce only exists in my head and on this blog does not diminish the message of his story. 

I can sense the disappointment thru my computer screen.... I tell ya what! To cheer you up, I'm going to dive right into the Before and After Pictures!

Starting with the Exterior:

Just a few small changes went a long way to transform the outside. To bring this 1960s home to the current decade we first enclosed the laundry room to the main house.




Please excuse the pile of sod in the corner there.

Next, we replaced the wood siding under the carport and on the gable with Hardie Board and gave it a modern flair by running the batton strips horizontal and narrow.  



Those horizontal narrow strips ended up inspiring the design of the window box and address plaque as well as the vent hood in the kitchen. 

But to me, the transformations that made the biggest impact on the exterior were the powder coated windows and cutting out those darn swirlies in the columns.


And Ta-Dah:


Ok, Let's move on inside.....

Not much happened in the Living Room except new paint, ceiling fan and we removed the window unit but I LOVED and ADORED what Waterhouse Market did with the staging in the Living Room. Every project we do they seem to step up their game!



If you were unable to attend the open house, let me just tell ya the staging of this house set the perfect mood to illustrate the story and tickled every sense- from the sounds of Johnny Cash on the old-timey record player to the slightly masculine whiffs of the burning candles and the taste of Round Mountain coffee brewing in the kitchen. I could not have been more pleased. 

Then from the other corner of the Living Room you can see where we made some changes to the floorplan. 


The kitchen was closed off from the dining and living areas.


And after:

Now let's take a closer look at that kitchen transformation

Here is what we started with:

And here is the kitchen now:

There is a track on the ceiling and in the granite that allows the chalkboard to scoot from left to right. The chalkboard is not only a great place to write a note or grocery list it also serves as closed off storage for the new homeowner's noncute kitchen wares. 

Our usual cabinet guys were busy so I tried out Jeff Perry, of Perry's Custom Cabinets, and I was thrilled with the results. The quality is superb and he delivered right on time as promised. And Y'all, he even surprised me with a BUILT-IN SILVERWARE ORGANIZER! It made my little OCD heart flutter.

Ok, let's go ahead and talk about it. Chartreuse. I chose to paint the kitchen cabinets chartreuse. Annnnnd that right there is what separates us from other flippers- we are not trying to please the masses we are just hoping to attract 1.😜  
No really, I knew the color might offend some people but I had written a post earlier last year about not fearing paint colors and the story called for a fun color so I decided to put my money where my mouth was and go for it. And guys, I gotta tell ya, I LOVE it! I think it just breathes life into the whole space. 
If you love it too, let me spare you a lot of time and money on Chartreuse paint samples and tell you this one is Benjamin Moore's Sweet Vibrations
Ok let's keep going... down the hall is the guest bathroom.


I'm not a fan of a window at chest level in the bathtub, so we got rid of that and updated everything else.

And how about that hall.



We kept the wood paneling. I had thought about painting it but my friend Donna suggested that the wood was more Bohemian and I could not agree more. And check out that ART!!! How fun are those Stick Men Walking down the hall! That idea just hit me one night while I was trying to get to sleep and even though stick figures are not the norm for my friend and professional artist, Sarah of Redeemed Home Goods, she did not hesitate to humble her skills to deliver. Sarah also made some very Bruce-like inspirational wall plaques special for the open house. 

Dream big. Work hard. Make it happen.

And last on our tour is the master suite. 

Remember the bowling alley? That looooong room

Well, we borrowed half of that space to create a master bath.

Big thanks to my Dad for building the vanity. And speaking of my Dad.... remember that feature wall he helped me with?

Well..... here it is in all it's flat black painted glory!

And another fabulous custom platform bed and staging by Waterhouse Market.

Well, there he is. Before I close this chapter, I just want to give a few more shout-outs to those that helped get us to the "after" portion of this blog.

Of course, we had our tried and true favorites: Nicolas leading up the Paint,  Travis Thessing on the landscape and this was Marcos farewell job on the tile, sniff sniff.

And returning after being absent from a few jobs we had:
Robert Shearer for Plumbing
Cole of Donaco Electric for Electric

Big thanks to David from Arc Welding for custom crafting most of the metal items you see in the house; like the shower grid, the shelf brackets in the kitchen, and even the legs for the dining room table (which is for sale by the way😉 )

And last but not least one of the biggest treasures we discovered with this project was All Wood Floors LLC. Y'all, they can repair old hardwood floor damage and..... are you ready for this..... they can feather in new hardwood to match the old! You have no idea what a game changer this is! In the past, I have had to replace entire rooms of hardwoods because I could not find anyone who could or would REASONABLY patch an area if it was not near a wall. These guys came in and seamlessly feathered in brand new wood in the kitchen to match the almost 60-year-old wood in the rest of the house. They patiently worked with me to find the perfect stain color and then used a new product that cut the refinishing time in half. They literally sanded and stained the entire house and returned it to me ready to walk on in 48 hours! And I LOVED the natural matte finish. Nicolas was even impressed with how little touch-up he had to do after they finished. They tell me they have never met a hardwood floor they couldn't save..... I'm thinking I'll be testing those words with our next project😉

Speaking of our next project. Here is a peek at where the next story takes place:

Any guesses where in the 72034 this is located?